Top 5 All-Format Batsmen Currently

Batting in modern-day cricket comes with a unique challenge, the batsmen should be able to adapt to all formats. While T20s require scoring at brisk rates, ODIs require both the ability to defend as well as score runs. And Tests take the challenge of batting to a step higher, the batsman should be able to save his wicket and score runs in most tough conditions.

Given this tough task of batting across formats, many batsmen in the world have limited themselves to a format or two. Some have tried to make their way into other formats with limited success. In this article, we list the top 5 batsmen currently active in cricket who have impressed in all the formats.

5. Faf du Plessis

One of the oldest cricketers active on the international field, Faf is still piling runs across formats. While he’ll mostly be remembered for his test heroics, Faf is no less a player in limited-overs games too. He is one of the few batsmen to have an international century in all the 3 formats.

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Faf has scored over 4000 runs in tests, over 5000 in ODIs and over 1500 in T20s which are some impressive numbers. At best, he has ranked below 10 in all formats of the game internationally.

4. Kane Williamson

Many have labelled him as the best thing to have happened to New Zealand cricket after Martin Crowe. Kane’s greatness lies in the ability to play contrasting innings at ease. One of the best examples of his adaptability across formats would be the time when he scored 251 against West Indies in a test match, followed it with a 57* against Pakistan in a T20 two weeks later and then a 129 against Pakistan in a test a week later.

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Not much of a T20 batsman in the first half of his career, Kane surprised everyone by scoring 735 runs at a strike-rate of 140+ in the 2018 season of IPL. And since then, he has been impressive in T20s too. Kane has amassed over 7000 runs in tests, over 6000 in ODIs and over 1500 in T20s. At best, he has ranked 1 in tests and 3 in ODIs and T20s.

3. Babar Azam

While not as experienced as others in this list, Babar has made a mark in the international arena. Babar has been carrying the Pakistan batting by himself for the past few years. One of the most level-headed players currently, Babar has been impressive in all formats too.

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While his numbers are still smaller compared to the rest given that he has played fewer games, Babar’s rankings have been quite impressive. He has ranked in the top-3 in all formats of the game. He has also ranked 1 in T20s for a period of time.

2. David Warner

Warner has been mighty impressive for Australia irrespective of the format. He is currently one of the best all-format openers in the world. Although he started as a T20 specialist for Australia, Warner soon established himself in all the formats. Warner averages close to 50 in tests with an unbelievable strike-rate of 70+. He also has an international century in all formats of the game.

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Warner has amassed over 7000 runs in tests, over 5000 in ODIs and over 2000 in T20s. At his best, he has ranked 1st in both ODIs and T20s and 3rd in tests. His incredible ability to score quick has been beneficial to Australia in many ocassions.

1. Virat Kohli

It would have been a surprise if Kohli wasn’t the 1st in this list. Kohli has an impeccable stroke-play and the hunger to keep piling more and more runs. To add to this, his penchant for scoring hundreds has always been great. Kohli averages over 50 in all the formats of the game currently. He also has the ability to score quick or defend as the situation demands, an ability a few possess.

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Kohli has notched over 7000 runs in tests, a whopping 12000+ runs in ODIs and close to 3000 runs in T20s. At his best, he has ranked 1st in all formats of the game.

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