Reasons Behind Rashid Khan’s Success

Rashid Khan is undoubtedly the best spinner in the shortest format of the game currently, or even the best ever existed! But what makes him so lethal that the batsmen of the highest calibre are struggling so much? To add to it, he performed incredibly well in all the T20 leagues he participated and that makes this genius incredibly special!

1. Variations

In the 2018 IPL, Brad Hogg said Rashid had different grips for googly and a leg break. He had his fingers close together while bowling a googly and while bowling a leg break, his fingers were away from each other. This probably gave an idea to the batsmen, but picking it from the hand is also difficult! This is because he doesn’t have a slow arm action like Shane Warne or most other spinners! And bowling with a fast arm action is quite difficult because things might go wrong. But Rashid manages to have immense control over the ball. Apart from that, during a bowling masterclass with Shane Warne, he showed that how he had three grips while bowling a googly!  This helps him to go to an another grip when one doesn’t work. 

A couple of his grips (Image Source: Hotstar)

2. Presence of Mind

This tweet shows why Rashid Khan just doesn’t use his skill but uses his mind pretty well. During the hat trick ball, Rashid had the leg break grip but due to his quick arm action, he immediately changed the delivery to a googly! This enabled him to outfox the batsman pretty comfortably, and that is the reason why he is the best spinner in the T20s. Also, his run-up and the action actually helps him to outfox more easily! 

3. Pace

If you analyse the pace difference between Chahal and Rashid, Rashid bowls 9 kmph faster than Yuzi! An average speed of 93kmph with such accuracy is insane! Of course, he’ll bowl like that because his role model is Shahid Afridi. But yes, as I said before, all the quick run up and quick arm action helps him achieve the speed and it’s probably like Jeff Thomson bowling in the form of a leg spinner. When asked by an interview host along with Shane Warne about the quick run-up, he said bowling at a higher speed helped him bowl with more control! That’s pretty bold to say because bowling at a higher speed requires a tremendous amount of control as well as managing injury issues! 

Comparison with Shane Warne:

Warne was a classic spinner with a tidy runup and bowled with a lot of guile. He could generate as much turn as possible with a slow and crisp run up! To put it in words, he was a classic leg spinner one could possibly ask for. He was probably the perfect spinner in the longest format of the game! On the other hand, Rashid is completely the opposite. He bowls really quick for a spinner plenty of variations! He doesn’t drift the ball as much as Warne but compromises more on the pace. And if you ask me, he is the perfect spinner in the shortest format of the game. 

Featured Image: Rashid Khan | Instagram

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