RCB: What has kept them away from the IPL Trophy all these years?

Royal Challengers Bangalore has always been the side which seemed dangerous every season they’ve played but didn’t really perform up to the expectations. RCB, lead by skipper Kohli haven’t won an IPL title yet. They’ve played the finals three times in 2009, 2011, 2016 and lost them all. RCB always had some of the stalwarts of the game and that’s the reason many sides in the IPL had the thought that this side is vicious to play against. So, what is the reason why they haven’t crossed the line despite having giants of the game? These are a couple of reasons behind their failure.

Auction strategy:

RCB has had many big names in the squad. There is no harm in going for big names but the only concern is the purse amount left after those buys. RCB has been aggressive in the auctions before IPL 2020. They didn’t care about the amount for a particular player. They went on bidding for those players and as other franchises sort of knew RCB’s strategy, they went on to increase the bid. RCB used to fall into this trap and spend more money than expected on that player. Similar happened in IPL 2014 when they bought Yuvraj Singh for a whopping amount of Rs 14 Crore. Sunrisers Hyderabad took the advantage of this and increased the bid here and there and gave it to RCB for a big total.

Indian Premier League Auction 2010 : News Photo

RCB in the auction (Image credit: Getty images)

Many of these big names never fit in with the core group of RCB, and going after these big names ate up a lot of money from RCB’s purse. Hence, they didn’t have enough money in the purse to buy key players who could chip in. RCB has often been left with big names and a couple of youngsters.

Moreover, they didn’t trust some of the talented players and tried to get a new core each season. They released players like KL Rahul, Manish Pandey, Mayank Agarwal, etc. All of them are doing well now.

Over-Reliance on some players:

As mentioned above, RCB went for some big names. Hence, it’s quite important for these players to provide value for money. When these players fail, the team is in danger too. That means they are over-reliant on these players.

Royal Challengers Bangalore bowler Mutti : News Photo

RCB celebrating after the wicket (Image credit: Getty images)

There is always the need for players who can reduce the pressure on the key players, and this is a point RCB often lacked. This year, RCB seemed to rectify the issue and they improved their auction strategy. They purchased some key players who can support Virat and AB. They have invested money on a few good all-rounders such as Chris Morris.


It’s hard to believe but yes, captaincy is an issue as well. Virat being an aggressive captain loves to adopt aggressive strategies. He doesn’t like losing the game at any cost. That is a great sign for a player but isn’t a good sign for a captain. A good captain is the one who considers wins and losses in a similar manner. Kohli has often made many changes instead of trusting and backing the same players.

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Virat Kohli in a press conference (Image credit: Getty images)

His playing XI has always been under the radar. He has improved his captaincy skills over the years and this is visible now.

Death bowling:

All the reasons mentioned above did affect but weren’t an as big issue as death bowling for RCB. RCB has been the worst side as far as death bowling is concerned, in the last couple of years. RCB’s batting has always been good, but the batting has let them down.

On the other hand, RCB has been very bad at defending totals. They have lacked a good death bowler which has massively impacted them. Their key pacer, Umesh Yadav has been very expensive.

IPL 2019: Have lost rhythm since getting dropped from Indian team every few  games, says Umesh

Umesh Yadav in the match against CSK in IPL 2019 (Image credit: iplT20/twitter)

RCB has even failed to defend totals above 200. But, this year, they’ve improved and it’s a very proud moment for the team while being one of the best sides while defending in IPL 2020.

These are some of the reasons behind RCB’s failure. But, having said that, RCB is an improved side this season. They’ve got a solid opening combo followed by Virat and AB de Villiers. Shivam Dube and Washington Sundar have been great all-rounders. Saini has bowled some pace in this tournament. He’s no more the same bowler he used to be last season. Chahal has always performed well for them. Going by the current form, RCB looks like it may end its “no-trophy” run.

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