Quiz: India vs England

India and England share a unique history in cricket. While the British introduced cricket to India, the sport slowly became popular in India and as of now, this sport’s popularity has gone beyond expectations.

Take this quiz to see how much you know about the rich cricket history between India and England.

Which Indian batsman holds the record for the most runs against England in Tests?
Which of these Indian batsmen hasn't scored a double-century against England in Tests?
Who is the only Indian batsman to get out on 199 against England in Tests?
Which Indian spinner bowled 21 consecutive maiden overs against England in 1964?
Which former Indian player in the person to represent both India and England in Tests?
Only one pacer from either of the countries has picked 100+ wickets in England-India bilateral Tests. Who is he?
England has had a total of 4 captains in the 14 T20 matches it played against India. Which of these players has captained England against India in a T20?
Which of these bowlers took a hat-trick against India in Tests?
Rahul Dravid's only T20I came against England in 2011. Against which bowler did he score a hat-trick of sixes?
England had a total of 17 players born in India represent it in various formats of the game. Which of these England players was born in India?

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