Quiz: How well do you know Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)?

The RCB fans might be having a gala time right now, the team has given them some great reasons to smile. But do you think you know everything about RCB?

This quiz would let you know that:

1. How many times has a player from RCB won the orange cap?
2. Who's the first player to score a century for RCB in IPL?
3. Who has picked the most wickets for RCB after Yuzvendra Chahal?
4. Which team did RCB bowl out for the second lowest total (58) in IPL?
5. How many times has RCB qualified for the playoffs?
6. Which batsman has the highest runs against RCB?
7. Which bowler has the most wickets against RCB?
8. Which player did Chris Gayle come as a replacement for in 2011 IPL?
9. How many runs was Kohli short of an incredible 1000 runs in the 2016 IPL season?
10. Which player hit 28 runs off 6 balls off a Virat Kohli over to chase a 200+ total for his side in 2012 IPL?
11. Who is the only Bangladesh cricketer to have played for RCB?
12. Who is the only cricketer to have won the IPL Emerging Player of the Year award while playing for RCB?
13. Which overseas players has never captained RCB?
14. Which of these players was not bought by RCB in the inaugural season of IPL?
15. Which of these overseas batsmen never scored a century against RCB?

Featured Image: Royal Challengers Bangalore | Twitter

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