Players and Records Quiz

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1) You can't change your answer to a question once it is selected.

2) Each correct answer gives you 10 points.

3) Correct answers and their explanations will be provided after you submit the quiz.

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Who has scored the fastest 50 in ODI for India?
Which country has two bowlers who have taken a hat-trick in both ODI and T20?
Who is the only bowler to take a wicket in his last ball in all the three formats- Tests, ODI and T20?
Which is the only country to have won the 20 over, 50 over and the 60 over World Cup?
Who is the only Indian spinner to have won the Purple Cap award in the IPL?
Who is the only Indian Women Cricketer to have scored a century in T20I?
Australia has won how many ODI World Cup, T20 World Cup and the Champions Trophy combined?
How many centuries does Jack Hobbs have in first class cricket?
Which country has the most number of players in the top 11 of most man of the match awards won in cricket history?
What is the batting average of Don Bradman in first class cricket?

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