Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals IPL 2014

There are only a handful of matches you get to witness that keep you on the edge of your seats and force you to chew your nails and propel your heartbeat to its maximum and one such match was- Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2014.

Rajasthan Royal’s captain- Shane Watson won the toss and decided to bat first. The ever-reliable Rahane and the talented Karun Nair were the openers. Vinay Kumar drew first blood in just the third over of the match when his delivery ended up dislodging the bails and Karun Nair had to go back. Sanju Samson was the new man in.

Rahane hit two fours in the 4th over bowled by Morne Morkel and Samson became the partner in crime as he hit four fours in the 6th over bowled by the same bowler! As the flow of runs was increasing, Shakib Al Hasan gave KKR the breakthrough and took the wicket of Sanju Samson. By the end of 10 overs, the score was 63/2.

Watson joined Rahane and both of them played beautifully together and steered the score from 63/2 to 118/2 before Watson got run out in the 16th over. Watson’s dismissal was vital to KKR and it probably ended up taking many runs off RR’s total. In the first ball of the same over, Rahane had taken a double which had brought up his fine half-century. RR managed to put up 152 runs on board. 152…

Did KKR chase down the total or not…or something else happened? Let’s find out!

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Gautam Gambhir and Manvinder Bisla were the openers. Things started smoothly for KKR as they brought up 20 runs in the first three overs but Kane Richardson got the first wicket in the fourth over in the form of Manvinder Bisla. Kallis was the new man in.

Singles and doubles were the main focus of KKR at that point in time. KKR was taking the safe route and aggression was yet to be seen. Kallis innings of 13(17) came to an end in the 9th over courtesy a well-taken catch by Smith. By the end of the 10th over, KKR was at 59/2. Manish Pandey, the new man in, shifted gears in the 13th over. On the fourth ball of the over, he came out and smashed a six over deep midwicket. On the next ball, he pulled it for a four but things turned in the last ball of the over as Pravin Tambe put a halt to his innings courtesy an LBW and Manish had to go back. Gautam Gambhir who was just 5 runs close to a half-century got out in the next over. By the end of the 14th over, the score was 92/4, and Shakib Al Hasan and Suryakumar Yadav had the responsibility to do some damage control.

Four in the 15th over! Four in the 16th over! Four and a six in the 17th over! Two fours in the 18th over! Both of them did some brilliant damage control but Suryakumar’s much-needed innings of 31(19) came to an end in the first ball of the 19th over but many more heartbreaks were about to come in the same over. Faulkner dislodged the bails on two consecutive balls in the same over as Robin Uthappa and Vinay Kumar were out for a duck in the same over. From 137/4, the score had become 141/7 in a span of just one over. What a brilliant piece of death bowling from James Faulkner! Three wickets in a single over!

It was the last over of the match and KKR needed 12 runs to win. Shakib Al Hasan and Sunil Narine were on the pitch while RR’s fate was in the hands of Kane Richardson.

19.1- High full toss and FOUR! Brilliant start to the over by KKR. The equation is now 8 runs needed off 5 balls, doable?

19.2- OOOUUUTTT! Shakib raised his hand signalling not to take the 2nd run but Piyush Chawla was already out of the crease and RUN OUT! Fortunately for KKR, Shakib Al Hasan was still there but unfortunately for KKR, Sunil Narine was on strike.

19.3- WIDE! 1 run as a gift and the equation was reduced to 6 runs needed off three balls

19.3- One run taken! Finally, Shakib was on strike. 5 runs needed off three balls. Phew.

19.4- Dot Ball!

19.5- Shakib lofts it but could only manage two runs and now…3 runs needed off the last ball. Seat belts tightened?

19.6- Two runs taken!!! Scores are tied!!! It was time for a super over!!! What a match it had been till now!!!

KKR Super Over

KKR decided to trust Suryakumar Yadav and Shakib Al Hasan for the super over while from RR, James Faulkner was the bowler who had shown some brilliant piece of death bowling in KKR’s innings.


0.1- RUN OUT! The ball hit the pads and Yadav decided to run but the keeper threw the ball and Karun Nair collected it and completed the RUNOUT! What a nightmarish start for KKR! 1 run came as leg bye though

0.2- One run taken

0.3- One run taken. Fine piece of bowling from Faulkner

0.4- SIX! Manish Pandey hammered it over long-on and gave KKR the boundary they needed. 9 runs for KKR till now.

0.5- A yorker and Manish could only manage a single

0.6- Another RUNOUT! This has not been a good super over for KKR but they still have managed to put up 11 runs on board. RR needed 12 runs to win.

RR Super Over

Two Aussies, Steven Smith, and Shane Watson were the choice of RR and KKR have decided to go with their ever-reliable spinner, Sunil Narine.

0.1- One run taken. 11 needed off 5.

0.2- Smith hits the ball towards midwicket and Smudge and Watto managed to take a double. 9 needed off 4 now.

0.3- One run was taken. Brilliant piece of bowling from Narine till now. Only 4 runs conceded in the first three balls. 8 needed off 3 now. Was the match slipping away from RR’s hand?

0.4- FFOOUURR! Watto slogged it and Manish Pandey jumped to take a catch but to no avail and RR got the boundary they needed. The equation has now become 4 needed off 2 now. O’boy!

0.5- Watto tried to hit hard but one run was all they got and like the main innings, it was now 3 runs needed off the last ball but this time for RR. Narine had bowled brilliantly till now.




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But wait…

RR had scored more boundaries in the match…

0.6- Smith took TWO RUNS on the last ball and the super over is tied BUT… RR WON THE MATCH as they had scored more boundaries in the match!!! What a smart decision from Smith and RR. They knew the equation wasn’t 3 off 1 ball but it was 2 off 1 ball to win as they knew if they tied the super overs, they would still win due to the boundary count rule! Smart decision! KKR vs RR IPL 2014 was an absolute beauty of a match.

O’ boy, what a nightmarish end for KKR, they were terribly close to a win and this wasn’t how they would’ve wanted the match to end. What a treat for the fans though! It wasn’t until the very last ball of the super over that the winner was decided. KKR vs RR IPL 2014 was an absolute cracker of a match!

Trivia Time! This was the first match in which KKR dropped Yusuf Pathan since buying him in 2011.


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