India vs Australia Quiz

India and Australia have a rich cricketing history. Despite the clash between these two teams not having the popularity of The Ashes or the Indo-Pak matches, what makes the India vs Australia matches great is the fact that these clashes have always been toe to toe.

As we are set to witness another Australian Summer of cricket, revisit some questions from the clashes between these cricket giants.

Sir Don Bradman has got out hit wicket only once in Test Cricket. Who was the bowler who got him out hit wicket?
Which Indian batsman holds the record for the most runs against Australia in Tests?
It is a well-known fact that VVS Laxman loved batting against the Aussies. Out of his 23 international centuries, how many did he score against Australia?
This batsman holds the record for most number of runs scored against India in both Tests and ODIs by an Australian. Name him.
This part-time bowler has his best figures of 6/9 against India in Tests. Name him.
Only one pacer from either of the countries finds his name in the highest wicket-takers in Australia-India bilateral Tests. Who is he?
Which Indian batsman has made the most runs against Australia in T20s?
Australia has used 8 different captains a total of 20 T20 matches against India, while India has used only 2 captains. Which of the following players hasn't captained a T20 match against India?
Who was India's captain in its first ever game played against Australia?
A Test match of 2007-2008 Border Gavaskar Trophy was one the most controversial games of all time in International cricket, remembered for 11 notorious umpiring mistakes. Post this game, an umpire was dropped from the next Test match. Who is that umpire?

Featured Image: National Library of Australia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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