Cricket Quiz: The Inventors and The Firsts

Cricket is one of those few games in which innovations have been welcomed over the years. Be it in batting or in bowling, few of these innovations have evolved to become part and parcel of the game. So, how many inventors do you know of a few cricket shots and deliveries. Take this quiz to find out!

Which batsman invented the reverse sweep?
Which batsman introduced the upper cut to the world of cricket?
Which player invented the paddle scoop?
Which batsman scored the first century in T20Is?
Who was the first player to be given out for 'obstructing the field' in ODIs?
Which spinner invented the Googly?
Who was the first player to score a double-century in an ODI game?
Which player was the first 'concussion substitute' in international cricket?
Who bowled the first 100-mph(160-kmph) delivery in international cricket?
Who was the first batsman to get out by one of his equipment dislodging the bails?

Featured Image: BCCI | Twitter

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