Baskaran: Official Cobbler of Indian Cricket Team

Batsmen, Bowlers, Umpires, Coaches, we come across so many people whose lives are dedicated to this gentleman’s game, but in this post, I will talk about another such person who has been serving the Indian Cricket Team for multiple decades- Baskaran, the official cobbler of the Indian Cricket Team.

Baskaran sits outside the iconic Chepauk stadium in Chennai. He started this work in 1993 and he recalled how a friend of his who was also the room in charge of the stadium once recommended his name for the job and since then he has been serving the Indian Cricket Team as their official cobbler.

He fondly recalls the shoe size of some players, 14 of Srinath and ABD, 9 of Sachin, 10 of Dhoni, and more. You can also see a photo frame at his place of work where you can see a photo of Sachin having his hands on Baskaran’s shoulders and Baskaran even recalls how Mahi greets him by saying “Hello, machi!”

In his nearly three-decade-long career, he has worked with legendary foreign players like Gilchrist, Gayle, ABD, Bravo and he proudly says that even Shane Warne and David Warner are good friends of his. Now as more and more people have to come to know about Baskaran through articles and videos, common people come to his workplace to meet him.

Here is a video on him which you can see which has been made by The Quint,

Though with a heavy heart he said, “For more than 20 years, I have worked for big players but no one has helped me to set up a permanent shop…”

His financial issues came to the front during the COVID lockdown as matches ceased to happen. He would normally earn around 500 a day and even 8000 or more during the IPL season but due to the situation regarding coronavirus, he has been going through financial problems. He has diabetes but he hasn’t been consuming his medicines for six months due to personal and financial issues.

Seeing this, ESPNCricinfo once wrote a report on this and on seeing it, Irfan Pathan vowed to help Baskaran. Irfan Pathan sent 25,000 rupees to Baskaran!

Earlier in March, Quint had done a story on this humble man and it bore fruits when readers of Quint decided to contribute funds for him. Quint said that some die-hard cricket fans from Hyderabad and Bengaluru stepped in to help him and Baskaran recalls that he was overjoyed to receive 18,000 rupees!

Due to coronavirus and all, Baskaran hasn’t been able to open his permanent shop but we sincerely hope that he can do it soon.


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