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In a nation that speaks hundreds of languages, Cricket is something that brings all of us together. The same Cricket brought together a bunch of bloggers from varying experiences and walks of life to bring you the best content on this sport.

Stay tuned to Yorker World for interesting cricket content. This website is run by Cricket aficionados for the Cricket aficionados.


I am a developer by profession, a passionate Cricket fan and have contributed with articles about this sport on various blogs and knowledge sharing platforms. I have been awarded the Top Writer Award on Quora for 2018 and have over 25 million views and 10 thousand followers on Quora.

Akhil Kintali, Founder and Content Writer

I am a mechanical engineering student and love to create cricket content on various platforms. Currently, my Instagram page, ‘Crickaddiction’, has close to 6 thousand followers and hits 700 thousand impressions every week. Apart from this I like reading books related to cricket and talking about the sport on my podcast.

Kshitij Srivastava, Photo Creator and Social Media Manager

I am a cricket enthusiast. I love watching cricket, especially Test matches. I have been playing cricket as an all-rounder at academy level for 3 years. Apart from that, I have written 100+ answers on Quora with nearly 600,000 views

V Kapil, Content Writer

I’m a mechanical engineer and I’ve been writing articles related to cricket on Quora since 2017. I’ve got more than 2.5 million views on my answers and have got close to 600 followers. Apart from writing on cricket, I’ve also played club cricket for close to 2 years.

Parag Zode, Content Writer

I’m an undergraduate student and I’ve been writing Cricket articles on Quora for a while and recently I crossed 1 Million content views on my articles on Quora. It’s my passion to express my love towards the game.

Suraj Jajoo, Content Writer

I write on a wide spectrum of sports as this medium of expression is the perfect confluence of my two loves – Sport & Literature. I envision adding layered value & an additional dimension in sports broadcasting!

Nikhil Anand, Featured Writer