7 Surprising Stats from Rishabh Pant’s Test Career

It was his debut match, India was facing England in Trent Bridge. India wasn’t in the greatest position at 279/5 when he came in to bat. Facing his first ball, he gently teed it to the fielder. In the very next ball, on the second ball of his Test career, he came down the track and hit a huge six off Adil Rashid. That was the start Rishabh Pant had in his Test career. He later got out scoring 24 runs in 51 balls.

Although he didn’t make the score he wished to have in that match, he clearly showed what was about to come from him in his career.

He can give you heart attacks, heartbreaks and take your breath away.

This is how India’s fielding coach R.Sridhar responded when asked about Rishabh Pant. Even the head coach, Ravi Shastri, and the batting coach, Vikram Rathour, echoed the same point.

Rishabh Pant made his Test debut on 18 August 2018 and has had a rollercoaster ride in his career from thereon. Let’s have a look at some stats from his career since then.

1. It’s Sky-way or the highway

Rishabh Pant loves hitting those big sixes. Especially while facing spinners, he enjoys coming down the track and hitting sixes. Since his debut in 2018, Rishabh has hit 28 sixes in Test cricket. Only Ben Stokes from England has hit more sixes than him (37). Although Stokes has hit 9 sixes more than Pant, Stokes has also played 18 more innings than Pant in this period.

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2. Go Big or Go Home

Rishabh Pant’s average is something to talk about. At a bigger picture, his average is 44.07 in 29 innings which doesn’t look really eye-catching. But when you dig deeper, out of his 29 innings, he has scored over 89 runs in 7 of these innings. In the other 22 innings, he has scored less than 39. There is no score in between these two.

UPDATE: Rishabh Pant scored 58* in the 2nd Test match against England on the 13th of February 2021 in his 30th innings.

3. Strike-rate ain’t a Problem

Another great stat about Rishabh Pant is his strike-rate. Since his debut in Test cricket, only two players have scored over 1000 runs with a strike-rate of 70+. While one of them is Rishabh Pant, the other player is his fellow wicket-keeper, Quinton de Kock. While Rishabh has a strike-rate of 70.58 for 1160 runs, de Kock has a strike-rate of 72 for 1083 runs.

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4. Great Defence too

When you look at his scores and the strike-rates that accompany them, it seems like defence isn’t something that Rishabh Pant prefers. If you think the same, you are mistaken. Rishabh Pant has a dot ball % of 66.3 in his 29 innings. That means, 2 of every 3 balls do not go for runs.

This just shows that Pant is not only about fours and sixes, but also a good defence too. This also shows how much he loves hitting those sixes and fours.

5. Nervous Nineties

Since his debut, Rishabh has scored 5 times in the range 89 to 100. No other player scored these many nineties in this period. While he remained not-out at 89 once, most of the other times, he became out going for a big shot.

While those nervous nineties show a Sachin-like quality in him, the desire to reach 100 with a six show the Sehwag-like quality in him.

6. Those Landmark Centuries

While India has had some fabulous wicket-keepers in its Test history, many of them haven’t proven their worth as batsmen. And then came Rishabh Pant who scored a century in his 3rd Test as a wicket-keeper. With this century, he became the first Indian wicket-keeper to score a Test century in England.

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He had scored another century against Australia in 2020 and became the first Asian wicket-keeper to score a Test century in Australia. He is also the only visiting wicket-keeper to score Test centuries in both England and Australia.

7. Surprising Stats as a Wicket-Keeper

Since his debut, Rishabh Pant has affected 72 dismissals, which include 69 catches as a wicket-keeper and 3 stumpings. Only Tim Paine and BJ Watling rank more than Rishabh in terms of dismissals. This is a great number, especially for a wicket-keeper whose skills are always under scrutiny.

He also took eleven catches in a Test against Australia, the most by a wicket-keeper for India in a Test match. Pant is also the fastest wicket-keeper for India to affect fifty dismissals in Test cricket.

(All stats as on 11th February 2021)

With so many surprising stats and numbers in his first few Tests, Rishabh Pant is sure to set the record books engaged as his career progresses. And all we can do is sit on the edge of our seats and wait for those heart-attacks and heart-breaks.

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